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Member Publications

  • AMRG member Dr. Keith Conover has a web page with many SAR-related items, including "The Art of Search" and information on the Norwegian HeatPac hypothermia rewarming device.
  • CDS Outdoor School, run by AMRG Member Don Scelza, has a web page with numerous articles, checklists, and forms related to search management and wilderness medicine.



Hug-A-Tree Program - AMRG is a Hug-A-Tree presenting organization. If you would like a session for your organization, please contact us. 


Mountain Rescue Association

Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council

Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference


ASRC Member Teams 

Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group 
Maryland Search and Rescue 
Mountaineer Area Rescue Group
Northwest Pennsylvania K-9 Search and Rescue 
Rapid Assistance to Community Emergencies
Shenandoah Mountain Rescue Group 


Other Organizations

White Oak SAR
National Cave Rescue Commission- Eastern Region
Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute
American Red Cross


BRMRG Training Manual

42nd BRIGHTON (Saltdean) Scout Group Animated Knot Page

Animated Rescue Knots by Grog

USGS Maps On-line  

A SAR choose your own adventure page

Trail-Based Probability of Area 

Links to Other Links Pages

Mountain Rescue Association's Resource Page

SarInfo's Reference Page

Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia's Reference Page

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Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania