Allegheny Mountain Rescue Group

Canine Search and Rescue

AMRG provides the premier canine search and rescue program in Western Pennsylvania.  We provide specialty training for dog teams in air-scent, trailing/tracking, and cadaver/human remains detection. Our search dogs and handlers are a integral part of the overall mountain rescue team. We train to search the most difficult search areas and train our team members in technical rescue techniques to access challenging terrain and to assist in the rescue and evacuation of subjects.  Being a member of the AMRG canine SAR team means being a well rounded search and rescue technician capable of not only working a search dog, but also contributing in all aspects of the search and rescue effort. 



How to become a SAR dog handler

Interested in training and handling a search dog? Find out how about the challenge and committment of canine SAR.

AMRG canine standards and forms

Details about AMRG's rigerous canine training and certification standards, as well as other helpful forms that we used during our missions.